2011 Christmas Greetings card design for the

 North Staffs Accordion Club

Original Artwork: approx 7" x 9", gouache and pen, 2011

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For the Christmas Competition

         Provide      1      a title

                               2       the final verse or verses

                               3      a suitable melody





Jack Frost, dressed in pale ice-blue

Icicles swing all askew

Snowflakes fall in the sun’s weak rays

See Jack dance to the tune he plays


 For its winter time once again

Cousin Hoar coats window pains

An accordion is Jack’s thing

And as he dances, he may sing


On thin-ice he plays a jig

Stamps his feet, the cracks get big

But when Hoar’s icy breath is blast

The crackéd ice just freezes fast


 Hoar and the snowflakes then join in

And dance to Jack’s merry din

Soon local folks all come along

And sing to Jack’s accordion song


 In the next verse or verses:  What could happen?


 Provide      1      a title

                  2       the final verse or verses

                   3      a suitable melody


     Winning Entries were:

      Title:-   Jacks' Jolly  Jig  by   tba

     Final Verse or Verses:-



     A winning melody was also supplied by Beth, who called it    'Cool Fingers'

     All winners earned a bottle of Xmas plonk!!