Christmas Greetings card design for the

 North Staffs Accordion Club

Original Artwork: approx 7" x 9", gouache and pen, 2010


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       Christmas Competition 2010.  Please provide a-:

      1     A Title

      2     A Chorus

       3    An original alternative melody




Tune – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the rag-time reindeer, plays for Santa on his sleigh,

Who will deliver presents - to children this Christmas Day?

There’s no fog this Christmas;  Rudolph’s nose now not so bright,

Santa said to his Rudolph, - “Play some jazz for me tonight”.


He played his 'cordion, didn’t pull the heavy sleigh,

‘Cos he got other reindeers -   to help Santa on his way,

 As all the reindeers thanked him they shouted a loud “Hooray, 

Rudolph the rag-time reindeer, will stomp our merry was"


Comet and Cupid leading, Vixen, Blitzen next reindeer,

Dancer, Prancer follow - Donder, Dasher at the rear,

Like some some shooting star they race on and on,

What has Santa brought? - Each an accordion!



     Winning  Entries were:

     Title:Rag-Time Rudy  by Paul and Chris Hobbs

     New Chorus:-   Yvonne Wilton

          So that starry Christmas Eve, Rudolph stomped with glee,

          Put Santa in a happy mood, tra,la la la lee.

         All of the other reindeers joined him on his ragtime flight,

         Singing 'Thank you so much'  to Rudolph 'for a really jazzy

         Christmas night!'

     Winner of new melody played at the Xmas Party:-  tba