Airlift from the Shackleton Range, Antarctica,  1969

16 x 24 inches,   oil on canvas board,  2014       For Sale,  275

The painting shows a Lockheed Hercules C130F ski-equipped plane which was used by the US Navy VXE-6 squadron to support polar activities from the US base at McMurdo Sound in the Ross Sea sector of Antarctica.   During my time as a field geologist with British Antarctic Survey at Halley Bay on the eastern shores of the Weddell Sea, I was tasked with the duty of carrying out further reconnaissance geological work in the Shackleton Range, some 350 miles due south of the base during the 1967-68 summer field season.  The distance proved too great to reach the range overland  by dog sledge and to do any useful work there. Thus an airlift was arranged with the National Science Foundation of the US to have our geological and survey party airlifted into the range from Halley Bay the next field season in November 1968.  After ten weeks field work our party was airlifted back to Halley Bay towards the end of January 1969.

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