On the Uttoxeter Canal:  Crumpwood Weir, c1845

An Historic Visualisation

20 x 30 inches,   Oil on Canvas,    2012

The Uttoxeter Canal was opened on 3rd September 1811, and a celebration party was held on the towpath below the lock keeper's cottage, with many dignitaries from the market town of Uttoxeter attending as well as crowds from Uttoxeter and the local villages of Rocester and Denstone.  The year 2011 marked its bicentenary, and a smaller but none the less enthusiastic party of members of the Caldon and Uttoxeter Canals Trust, marked the occasion by holding a similar party in the very same spot!

This painting is a visualisation of the appearance and operation of the cargo carrying narrow boats as they crossed the River Churnet heading southwards towards Uttoxeter.    Locks control the level of the water either side of the weir and the bastions contain sluices to control the level of the river water   A boat heading northerly towards Stoke is about to draw away from the opposite bank.  The horse pulling it has just been led across the ladder bridge over the River Churnet.  At the time of this visualisation, the canal had been purchased by the North Stafford Railway Company, who planned to close the canal and replace part of it through the Churnet Valley with the construction of a railway from Stoke and Leek to Uttoxeter.  The surveyor in red standing on the bastion with his assistant consults a map of the proposed course of the railway, and is possibly considering the best route at this point..

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