Christmas Greetings card design for the

 North Staffs Accordion Club

Original Artwork: approx 7" x 9", gouache and pen, 2009

Additional competition text below:

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Title: …………………………………………..

 Frosty, our snowman, usually plays a merry tune

On his little accordion - as Christmas is coming soon

This year he hopes the snow, on the ground will long remain

So children can learn the message of his prophetic refrain.


 The winter should be cold and clear and the snow both crisp and deep

Frosty needs this snowy coat, his snowy shape to keep

But only coaly eyes, carrot, a hat and woolly scarf will stay

If an early thaw arrives, and Frosty melts away.


 The message from the weatherman tells us a tale of woe

For with the warming climate there’ll be far less fall of snow

The future is really grim for music of his kind

For his snowy tunes will not be heard across the snowy land.