Trevor and Porter

 18 x 14 inches, oil on canvas, 2013

From a photograph taken of Trevor Bailey playing his cittern at the Battle of Blore Heath re-enactment day in September 2010, held at Blore Farm, near Market Drayton, Shropshire.  Trevor made his cittern in 2009.    Porter waits patiently by his side

The Battle of Blore Heath took place on 23rd September 1459 as the second battle of those series of conflicts known as the Wars of the Roses between the House of York (White Roses) and the House of Lancaster (Red Roses). It was a Yorkist victory, but not decisive as the conflict continued on and off for twenty six years until after the Battle of Bosworth Field, 21st August 1485 with the death of Yorkist Richard III whose remains have been recently recovered from under a car park in Leicester.  Tudor Henry VII took the crown.


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