Denford Flight- the new Aqueduct, 1841

16  x  30  inches, oil on canvas, 2016

In the mid years of the 19th century, it became necessary to re-route the Caldon Canal to pass under the Leek Arm which had opened in 1804 to go to Leek.  At this location the original Denford flight had no pounds between the three locks, and as a result too much water was used in going up or down for single boats.  A new route was excavated and three locks constructed between Hazlehurst lock and Denford with lengthy pounds between. 

The painting shows a young canal girl leading her horse out from under the new aqueduct to rejoin the original canal.  The old three flight of locks can  be seen with the now-disused balance beams still in place.  The lock-keepers cottage stands isolated at the top of the flight and to its right is the new stone bridge which allows the horse to cross the canal to the towpath on the near side of the canal.  To the left of the flight the old quarry still shows recent workings and further to the left is the Quarry manager's cottage set in its own gardens.  A narrow boat has moored next the quarry managers cottage and the horse has now been given stabling in buildings off to the left of the cottage.


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