On the Caldon Canal: Cherry Eye Bridge

20 x 30 inches,   oil on canvas,   2009    Painting as Mike Fisher

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This painting was undertaken  to provide a theme which encapsulates two iconic features of the Caldon Canal, Cherry Eye Bridge and the narrow boat horse Badger. This montage shows Jackie, guiding the horse Badger who for a number of years, hauled a narrow boat on passenger trips from Froghall Wharf in the nineteen eighties and  nineteen nineties. On the right, is the unique Cherry Eye Bridge, situated on the Caldon about a mile north of Froghall.  The narrow boat is typical of those operated on the Caldon Canal during the very early part of the 20th Century carrying coal for the limekilns at Froghall, and returning laden with limestone for the steel industries in the Potteries. 

The image to be used by the Caldon and Uttoxeter Canals Trust for promotional ware.  A china mug is to be made bearing this image to replace one which is now 'out of print'.  It is now available so click for details.  The proportions of the image are tailored to fit the new mug, but the centreline between the horse and the woman, and the centreline up the chimney on the narrow boat should be positioned directly opposite each other, at right-angles to the handle.