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I have been painting local and Antarctic scenes and subjects in oils for some 20 years now and these pages will give you some idea of my range of non-polar subjects. In the past I have been a full member of the Society of Staffordshire Artists, exhibiting scenes of both Antarctic and local subjects at their regular spring, summer and autumn shows.

My paintings are representational.  Those of Antarctica are based on my experiences with British Antarctic Survey as a geologist, based at South Georgia and at Halley Bay in the Weddell Sea sector of Antarctica. In addition I have designed several sets of postage stamps for British Antarctic Territory, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

The first celebrated the 80th anniversary of Shackleton’s crossing of South Georgia, issued on 20th May 1996. A millennium edition depicted nine scenes from Shackleton’s Endurance saga of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17 for the territories of Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and British Antarctic Territory. These were issued on 10th February 2000.  The year 2001 marked the centenary of Captain Scott's Discovery Expedition 1901-04. A set of six stamps were prepared to commemorate this expedition and issued on 5th December 2001.   A further set were prepared to commemorate the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1902-04. 

There are more and may be found on my Paintings of Antarctica web site: www antarctic-paintings.com.

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