RECENT PAINTINGS    2011 onwards

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Shackleton Airlift, 1969


 Lightning - Into the Blue


Evening Victory


"Got 'im"

Memories of field work in the Antarctic as a geologist in 1969.  From our base at Halley Bay, 76 S 25W, we were flown into the recently discovered Shackleton Range to carryout reconnaissance geological field work using husky dogs to sledge around.  The scene depicts our loading the C130F for our return flight in January 1969.    May 2015   The painting was inspired by a recent visit to the RAF museum at Cosford, where an English Electric Lightning hangs vertically in the Cold War Exhibition Hall, above the V Bombers and other aircraft of that period.  August 2011    I have always intended to do a painting of a Spitfire, and after 30 years or so, here it is.  I have based the cloudscape on a work by the aviation artist Robert Taylor.  February 2014   And now, I have completed the fighter which bore the brunt of the attacks on the Luftwaffe's bombers during the Battle of Britain.  October 2015



Denford Flight- the new Aqueduct, 1841


Bittern, Bound for Bridgnorth


Class 55  Deltic  55019     Royal Highland Fusilier


Fond memories of an outing with friends on the Severn Valley Railway in March 2012.  Here, A4 Class 4-6-2 Bittern  is about to leave Kidderminster on the run up the Severn Valley to Bridgnorth.  March 2013


After a friend's day out on the Severn Valley Railway, I chose this image from one of his photos to work up into a painting for him.    November 2015




English Longhorns, Mabley Farm     Commission


Trevor and Porter

   On the Uttoxeter Canal: Crumpwood Weir,  c1845.   An Historic Visualisation   

Snowdon Summer

An old friend asked me to paint the view towards Mabley Wood at Woolhope, Herefordshire  where his ashes have now been scattered in the woods he loved. English Longhorn cattle are bred as a business by Mark and Liz who run Mabley Farm, raising these magnificent beasts together with a flock of Wiltshire Horn sheep.  June 2012   On a visit to the re-enactment of the battle of Blore Heath, and whilst enjoying a beer or a cup  of tea, (I can't remember which) Trevor and a group of minstrels were entertaining the visitors to some old English music in the area where tables and chairs were set out for the occasion.  Of this typical English scene I was moved to take a photograph, and later inspired to attempt this portrait.  May 2013  

This has been prepared in conjunction with members of the Caldon and Uttoxeter Canals Trust to illustrate the unique Crumpwood Weir.  It is the only example of its type in the world and should be preserved as an example of our canals heritage.  March 2012 


On probably my last ever visit to this magnificent area, and for the first time in my life, I was able to see the whole of the  Snowdon Horseshoe from Lyn Llydaw in brilliant summer sunshine.  In my numerous past visits there have been rare glimpses of the summit through the mist, or between  scudding clouds, driving rain or stinging snow squalls.   March 2013




Hen Cloud Flock     For Sale


Royal Clipper  Commission

  SS Great Britain, Trans-Atlantic Days, 1845-46,    Commission   Dinham Bridge,Ludlow
At last, another local painting, this time of Hen Cloud, part of the Roaches escarpment in North Staffordshire.  I seem to like painting sheep and dogs, as well as rocks, so they are all combined in this picture.  April 2014  

I'm not a sailor, but was very envious of my friend and his wife who sailed on Royal Clipper.  That was each time I took up my brushes to work on this painting.  June, 2015

  Painted especially for the charity auction at the British Antarctic Survey Club Reunion, held on board the ss Great Britain, in Bristol on 18th June 2011.   May 2011  

One of our favourite spots with a wonderful walk along the banks of the River Teme. from Dinham Bridge.   September 2015